E’llo Gov’na

Sister Gardner and Elders at SLC Airport

I have made it here to the lovely rainy land of Manchester England. This email is just to let you know that I arrived safely. I hope you got the picture from the air port that the kind lady offered to take and send to you. You were not deceived, I was the only sister. I was the only sister when I arrived at England as well, and I will still be the only one until the girl from Australia arrives at four. So it is me and a whole slew of Elders. I have been working hard to learn everyone’s name, and they already have me lined up to play the piano on Saturday. I will be the one to choose the song. The flight was not so bad, I did not sleep more than four hours, but they are giving us an hour nap today before we have some exercise time. I don’t know how that is going to go down considering I am the single female occupant of the MTC at this moment. Besides the wives of the president Preston and Durkin. I have not opened all of your letters yet, I am saving them for an end of the day treat. We have missionaries heading to my mission, the Scotland mission, Birmingham, and some going to Athens Greece, ( the Greece elders where already here). I have been having a really lovely time with all these elders they are nice and helped me with my luggage and I said that I was the Han Solo (girl) and they were all the chewbacas. Heh heh. That got a chuckle out of them. All the flight transfers went well and going through customs. And the most magical of all…… I got my missionary badge. I feel like I am shining to be wearing it. It is magnetic like the one I would wear at Downeast. But this one is a bit of an upgrade. “Kirche Jesu Christi der heiligen der letzten tage”
The keyboards here are a little different than the ones at home so instead of enter I keep accidentally pushing the #. For your viewing pleasure I have removed them.
Ok: one last story.
I gave the book of Mormon away but not in the way I thought I would. I was talking to the lady at the gate and she asked if we were Mormons and I talked to her a bit. Later I decided I would try to give her the book of Mormon. I wrote a little testimony in it but when I tried to give it to her she said that they already had one. She was working so I guess that was not the best idea, but you see, the man on the first flight I sat next to had immediately put his headphones in the moment he realized who we were, so I could not teach him.
And on the next flight I would be sitting with two Elders so again no chance to teach. We got on the flight to go to England, and Elder Mcarthur, who sat in front of us three, was seated next to a very nice British couple, when the flight was almost over I passed my book of Mormon to him from behind and he wrote a little something in it before giving it to the couple he had talked with during the flight. So now it had both of our thoughts written in it, and they agreed to take it. So, long story short, I may have not given the book away personally,. but because I brought it, and I was listening and looking for an opportunity to share it, It made it so that Elder Mcaurther had a book to give away. Well, I am off, but I love you all a lot. I have to go.
Ich Liebe Dich!
Love, SISTER Gardner

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