Amid The Smell of Rain

“I can do it if I try, I can do it by sheer will, All you have to do is work to acquire any skill… These are things a girl must do when she has dreams she must fulfill…”

And yet again, a musical ( Little Women ) applies to my own life. Miss my life is a musical has struck again. Excuse me, that would be SISTER Miss My Life Is a Musical and indeed It has been.

This week was filled with music: efforts with the choir, a special musical number, singing hymns in class and a musical activity.
For the Choir I consulted with Elder Erickson ( the pianist) 15 minutes before choir practice to put together at break neck speed a medley of “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and “Hope of Israel” which, SUPRISE, was not actually needed for next week, rather, tomorrow, to be sung in church. But to be honest it made me more excited to try and pull it all together so quickly, I was excited for the challenge. So with photocopied music, the four of us, Companions remember, cut and taped a new musical score together to make our medley. Thankfully it all turned out wonderfully, I will be so glad when we get more sisters this next week, because then I will hopefully find some altos, or better yet, more than three girls to sing in the choir.

The special musical number was called “The Wintery Day, Descending to Its Close” Look it up. Elder Erickson and I did a Duet.
Then, our musical activity Sister Burgess and I organized.  It included missionaries performing wacky primary song, some of them were actually pretty funny. But maybe that was just the total-focus-except-when-we-eat-and-even-then talking. Ha, actually we have a lot of fun here.I tried to finish the activity by singing “a child’s prayer” but everyone got a little off so the spirit was a little off too, I felt in my heart to have everyone sing “I am a Child of God” in which ever language they wanted. When the final note range out, Then, oh then the spirit was there, I felt it, it tell you people it is the music that does it. Luckily our Scottish Chef offered the prayer before I started tearing up too much.
So I got a little worried about my ability to be a really effective missionary, feeling I was too impassioned to be always the best, but I realized two things, first, I feel the spirit when I feel alive, “Men (and woman) are that they might have Joy” I can be happy and still be spiritually in tune.
Second, from my Journal:
“I care about this work with my whole soul. I am not going to magically turn into a sister missionary, I already am, I just have to be myself. Contribute, Myself to being a missionary. Be the unique tool \God needs to give love to those I teach. To manifest my devotion to Christ,but more important my love for people, my spiritual siblings. No matter their background or future, My purpose is to love.”

The three sisters left last night, sister C and Sister S going to Ireland/Scotland and Sister Anderson going back to her home of Finland to teach the gospel. We had a last group prayer last night while they were packing up and we were all looking at pictures. We all took a turn praying in our native language. It is amazing how you can know someone for such a short time, it does not have to be years and years to love them. I love these people here, the people learning beside me and the people teaching me. And I love you to reading this. “And I love you random Citizen.” That is probably what this sounds like, but it is also true so there.

Ha. Take That.

Well, Pray for me and my German Language Learning this week, if you do that sort of thing. I am grateful for your support and I wish you well.
Oh, one last thing, favorite German word of the week:
Ohrworm: A song that gets stuck in you head.

Love You,
Sister Gardner

Beautiful English Countryside

Beautiful English Countryside

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