Just Singing and Dancing: auf Deutsch!

 A beautiful glorious sky!

A beautiful glorious sky!

Guten Morgen, Guten Morgen… we’ve taught the whole day through, Guten Morgen, Guten Morgen to you.

So, there may be no staying up late and movie shows here at the MTC, but plenty of… You guessed it, Sister Gardner putting new words to broadway tunes. You would be surprised that I can turn a song from Chicago into something uplifting and pertaining to Missionary work. THAT, is quite the success. Give me your best attempt, I would love to hear your version….

So, I suppose I shall begin my weekly recap for you all, Yes. Hello you there.

First things first. Sister Burgess and I have been given the calling of Sister Training Leaders. Hurrah, It really was helpful because with all the new sisters this week they needed someone to remind them to not wash their red blouses with white anythings, ha ha just kidding.  Actually I did answer questions about how to work the dryers these ladies already knew at least the basics of normal clothes laundering. I have stretched my language capacities by pronouncing names in Italian, Taiwanese, Spanish, Polynesian, and various dialects of African languages. Oh and German, always German. hopefully you know that by now. I made a little book with little pictures of them taped in and have been jotting down helpful things about each of them, how to say their name, things they like to do, worries or concerns they have expressed. They are wonderful, they learn fast, and I have been working to get to know them all. Sometimes it is nice when it is just Sister Burgess and I, in our occasional moments of comfortable calming silence.

It was exceptionally foggy this morning. It made me think of a certain iron rod and a tree offering fruits of love and eternal joy as we walked up to the temple this morning.

A few highlights from this week are as follows.

Playing four square at sport and each time there was a new king they announced a new theme, I was exceptionally grateful that when I announced loudly from the king square that I was “The Great Gatsby” the bottom square was labled Myrtle, some sort of cruel irony when Myrtle hit “Daisy” with the yellow volleyball and got her out.

We were taking care of a sick sister who had an upset stomach, it made us a little late to our teaching lesson and we were explaining why where late. I held my stomach to demonstrate and said, “Baumschmerz”… the only explanation you need is that… Bauch=Stomach, Schmerz= Pain, Baum=Tree.

I printed off a grid of 500 squares to write all my new vocabulary words and felt exceptionally like my father getting excited about a graph. What has gotten into me.

Hearing one of my favourite talks by my favourite German general authority in my favourite foreign language. “STOP IT!” -President Uchtdorf

Al-right ladies and gentleman for our finale tonight…. drum roll please.

I realized this week that I really do know how to be a missionary. I know how to share my testimony and find scriptures to teach, I know how to give love and service, I know how to have meaningful prayers. I have taken mission prep in my ward for years, a class at university, and even gone on splits, when it comes to words and the gospel, they come together in my mind in harmony. Now, I just have to do it in German. So that is my new focus. German German German. Oh, hey did I mention German. Of course I will keep growing closer to my Heavenly Father. But in a most lovely type of language.
Thank you ladies and gentlemen for the applause, I can hear it clear over here in England.
Auf Wiedersehen,
Sister Gardner

What a joyous day!  Sister Gardner at the Preston Temple.

What a joyous day at the Preston England Temple.

Sister Burgess

Sister Burgess

A little Friend.

A little Friend.

The Beautiful place I call home right now.

The Beautiful place I call home right now.


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