Good Things from this Week

  1. Teaching one of the daughters of someone we visit how to read music.
  2. Sister Poll and I both like obnoxiously difficult puzzles.
  3. We got to eat the Chinese take out the family ordered when we helped them move into their new apartment.
  4. We had an investigator surprise us by coming to church.
  5. The lamp in our livingroom/Kitchen/Study/Bedroom/Diningroom/Library. Yes. Seriously.
  6. When I was talking to a visitor who came to church and explaining who I was and how long I had been out on my mission, She asked why my German was so good. Warm Fuzzies all the days. Shout out to Frau Lindsay!
  7. The Elders left us chocolate and Käse stängli… Cheese Crisps on our door and in our mail box…
  8. Free German Hymnbook because the cover was all colored on. Yesssss! (Even though I do miss my English hymns as well)
  9. Hearing about Sister Polls’ awkward experiences with blind dates.
  10. Being a missionary.

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