Hair as Yellow as Corn…

Hair as Yellow as Corn…

So apparently some of the people in Austria really like Miss Monroe with the hair of blonde and the windy white skirt. And, I guess the fact that two people have mentioned it when I start talking to them on the bus is a good thing. So I have an only slightly questionable fashion icon of the past aiding in my missionary work today. Thanks darling.

So this week was get back to work after being world travelers for a week.

I want to start with a few of my thoughts from studies this week.

Hopefully it will not make you weak.

And, hopefully your eyes won’t leak.

Heh heh.

So I was studying in Doctrine & Covenants 38 verses 15 and 30, both talk about how to not fear.

Here is the dealio. Satan is practically standing outside with a megaphone and screaming at people to do stupid but “fun” things that eventually lead to captivity and him laughing in delight as you struggle and ultimately feel horrible. It seems he is always there and he has got lots of people shouting too, basically the whole world is filled with it and we are there with our little ear buds with classical goodness in our ears and it is keeping the sounds of him muffled. But, we take those out and boom, the loudspeaker is bouncing and he is pumping out his sickly brew into our hearts and souls. Pretty scary huh? The key is to keep that still small calm close enough that we can hear it because it is small but powerful. The bad is in your face all the time, it is portrayed as what is right and fine. But it does challenge us every time we see it. That is why it is essential to keep our spiritual repertoire up to date always adding what will uplift us, always being prepared with strong testimony for when those loudspeakers start blasting. We will not be fearful if we already know what choices we will make and the good we will seek.

That was my interpretation anyway. Read them yourselves and see what you think.

The Castle Gate

The Castle Gate

So in the English language we have two forms of the word “you” just like the Germans. What? You may ask, this is news to me. The common “you” that we all use in English is actually the formal; the more personal is “thee”. My whole life I thought “thee” was the more respectful but really it was the more close and special in that way, words you use with your family and in our language, God. German is the same. “Sie” is what we use with anyone we don’t know or other adults.  “Du” is used with family and close friends…and you guessed it, God. I just thought this was really beautiful. He is so personal. He is helping everyone out, even those who are not seeking him. He wants us to come to him and loves us in that personal way. I am grateful for the new insight learning German has given me about my relationship with Heavenly Father.

So here are some excellent moments from the week.

What I really love is quoting Brian Regan sometimes. That is an unplanned joy I have discovered in this adventure of a mission.

Sister Poll and I helped one of our less active members we are working with move this week and it was really fun. We loaded up a truck and the neighbor’s cat came and walked between our legs as we were trying to bubble wrap a vase with the fake plants still in it. And, the adventures of removing curtains and wrapping up dishes and holding flowerpots on our laps as we drove to the new apartment. Then we helped the couple clean by removing hard water on basically everything in their bathroom, moving couches, placing rugs and washing windows. It is lovely to see the personalities of these wonderful people as I talk with them.

some flowers by the road

some flowers by the road

Also this week something I loved was visiting the lady we had helped with the garden again, she came to all three hours of church and it was really great. Anyway, but we took a train out to visit her and this time her daughters where down stairs too. Usually they just go up to their rooms when we come. One is my age just graduating from high school and the other is a little younger. Sister Poll was able to help the younger one with her math. I helped her too for a bit, but Sister Poll was on fire and really doing math is like a therapy so I turned my attention to the mother and other daughter. We started talking in German of course and I was trying to get to know the daughter. And surprise… Singing in the Rain comes up! Yes! I was so happy. Somehow the conversation turned to music and I started drawing out note values and explaining rests. I realized then my ENORMOUS vocabulary gap, but I was still able to help her. She went and got her piano keyboard from up stairs. Luckily I had a little French hymn way back from sister Cheve in my journal so I had music to try and teach her. It was really lovely and I was so glad to be able to use my talents to connect with this girl. The next day in Church her mother came to all three hours and told us that her daughters had asked all about us. They have never had interest in church related anything so I was really excited. I hope I can continue to be a force for good in this ward and in people’s lives. And, hopefully continually through music.

I cannot believe that it is already May. Time is going by so fast. I do think of all of you more often than you know, but sometimes it is hard to think you are all having adventures without me, so it is good to be focused here and I am so glad for the work I am doing.

Now that is a flowering bush.

Now that is a flowering bush.

I am grateful for the fact that the spirit can attend you and your lesson even when the lady tells you, that she only has five minutes to hear what we are about. We had planned to teach the Family Proclamation to the World but instead taught a crash course of the restoration. I am always able to draw upon the knowledge that this gospel has helped me in my life and in my family’s lives. I have a testimony and that is what I share with people. It is one more good piece in their little puzzle of life, one more floodlight in a sea of half burned out flashing colorful Christmas lights. The light of Christ is solid, it is real, it is beautiful and it serves as a beacon to us in this life. I can only hope I am a way the light can reach the masses. The Light drives out that darkness that “foul yellow smoke…” Light is clean and bright and guiding. This Gospel is my light.

The city seen through the train window.

The city seen through the train window.

Also, I saw a double rainbow out the window of the train so that was a plus.

Love, Sister Gardner

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