The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow
This week was one of the best weeks so far on my mission. And I could not tell you exactly why; maybe contrast has proved a friend to me. A sunny day seems especially warm if the day before was a wet snowy one, if you understand.

Really a wonderful week, lots of our work is paying off from last transfer. Potentials are finally agreeing to meet with us and we are getting more progressing investigators. I feel the spirit as I pray and study for and love these people.

Area Books Are Cool.  with Sister Poll

Area Books Are Cool. with Sister Poll

I suggested the goal to have two lessons each day, two scheduled appointments. Even if someone cancels on us, or it falls through, which unfortunately happens quite often, I feel my purpose growing, I am inviting others to come unto Christ.

That forty-day fast is really tricky isn’t it? The things I have been trying to change really want to just sneak back and be just as they were before. Average. Blah. Not my sort of attitude. But it is all right as I press forward in this goal.

A Glimpse of Austria.

A Glimpse of Austria.

I was thinking of a script last night, and the blocking written in it. Usually blocking is only written in for the really important stage directions…. Tony and Maria Kiss, The queen drinks the poison, the Baker feeds the items to Milky White…. I could go on but I think you understand my point. These items are the items that are required. No matter how artistic of an interpretation, or how creatively the script is used, these actions are what make the story progress. I feel like this relates to our lives as well. We are given a lot of freedom to choose, that is our agency. We make millions of choices even in just the morning hours. We are a people of decisions. But just like with a script there is some blocking you can’t ignore. You need to do them to make the story continue. You can very well skip over certain blocking, but then you are changing the story. We must remember who we are and who has written in that blocking. That would be God. He gives us artistic choice but also commandments, commandments given with love. So if they are ever bogging you down just remember that though it certainly would be a “nicer Story” if Caesars men had simply thrown him a birthday party… the story would not be what it is. Thus the blocking was important. We might not always agree with it, but it is always important…. Somehow Romeo and Juliet has been remember for hundreds of years… Just saying.

A little green roadside hill.

A little green roadside hill.

SO that is my little soapbox for today.
She steps off, straightening her skirt and smiling. Then picks a daisy from the grass and gets on the Strassenbahn with Sister Poll.

I do love you all so much. Have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Gardner

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