Simple Gifts

  1. Making a case for my mini Bible out of a hot chocolate box, and then making it beautiful with colored paper and flower   borders.
  2. Cherry cream ice cream.
  3. Talking to Guitar man in the park.
  4. The free basil plant they gave out to Sister Poll and I that is now starting to sprout in our window. This is part of some campaigning that happens every 4 or 5 years. There have been posters and advertisements everywhere.
  1. The girl from Indiana that started talking to us on the Bahn when she saw our badges. Pretty cool girl, well read, smart, knows the Beatles, thinking of being a catholic nun, on an exchange for a few Months and has a Mormon friend on a mission. It might have just been her hair cut or the fact that she talked with us all the way back to her house and let us stay to talk with her, but I thought she was pretty cool.

6.  Popcorn and baked potatoes as we watched the Jesus Christ video on our old DVD player during dinner.

  1. My new lens for my camera!!! Halleluiah! (Her camera lens broke and she couldn’t take any pictures. If you know Sister Gardner this was a hard thing for her)
  2. A long walk in the light rain to get to a members house.
  3. H’s birthday party.
  4. Having a picnic on the floor of our apartment for dinner when it was pouring basins of water from the sky outside.

    Indoor picnic on a rainy day.

    Indoor picnic on a rainy day.

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