Hoffentlich, we get there Bald.

A bit of Deunglish for you this morning. I will be proud of you if you get this one…. (Look up the German words.)

No, It is not Easy Street, it is hot, people want to get where they want to go, they don’t really want to listen to a blondie with a pixie cut and a badge, but that is ok, because…. you get there by playing from the rule book, you stack the pass along cards, you load your side bag. Father dear, oh we know you’re up there “list´n`how” can we follow your sweet advice to…. Dun, dun Einfachstrasse

And I will leave you to finish the rest in your head.

A Peaceful path on a p-day hike.

A Peaceful path on a p-day hike.

So, this week held some really lovely lessons with some less active members.

We met with one of the less actives that has not been wanting to meet with us lately, we got her to meet us at the church while she did family history. We had a good talk with her. We told her that she should make a plan how to let us help her start attending again. She always just tells us to pray for her, and we do that, but we promised that we could do more. He agreed with us to make a plan together the next week. But what was really special was that after we closed with a prayer, Sister Poll asked her if we could go sing a hymn in the chapel. I had been feeling the same thing. We let her choose a hymn and she chose “God be with you till we meet again” she thought it was sort of a sad one, but she really loved it. Sister Poll played the piano and I sang the hymn for her, like a little concert. Sister poll joined in on the last verse, me switching from soparano to alto to compliment Sister Poll’s melody. We finished and it was quite for a moment. My eyes and the eyes of this woman sitting before me where filled with emotion. The silence was broken when she said; suddenly bursting into tears that she felt like her father was sitting right by her. She cried with little tears rolling down her face. Finally being able to feel the spirit after a long time. We put our arms around her and sat there in the chapel just looking up to the pulpit on the first row. It was a really spiritual lovely experience. I know that the hearts of the children are turning to the fathers, she is excited about family history, now we are working to help her be excited about finding herself. Finding those who are loved and lost. This was a wonderful experience.

I have been thinking a lot about agency, you learn a lot about it out here. It is up to us to decided and then live up to any covenants we make, really it is that simple. If we don’t then we have to decide if we are going to do something about it, or continue on our way. Knowing sometime we have to come back if our end goal is the same. Anyhow, food for thought.

Also, ten days left on the forty day fast, which went quick didn’t it. Work hard these last few days. Work to be better.

I guess this graffiti at least has the right message.......

I guess this graffiti at least has the right message…….

This week was a week of service. We helped a ward member V move. It took several hours and was really, really lovely. We were taking out boxes, filling cars up, taking apart bookcases and bed frames. We cleaned and carried washing machines. We played Tetris with the large dressers down in the small keller (cellar). The kellers in apartment buildings look like old fashion dungeons, with wooden bars around small storage units. I put a band-aid on a crying child and told him to be brave like Spiderman on his shirt. I carried sleds and bags of clothes upstairs. I tried to figure out how to fit lamps in through driver seats and coat racks too. I smiled as the little kids tried to help but ultimately just rode up and down the elevator one floor when we gave them a little box or toy to take up stairs. We ate pizza all together sitting on a mattress in the now empty bedroom. We sweated and smiled and lifted and pulled. It was a really, really great day.

We stopped by once everything was moved to the inter religion soccer tournament hosted by the Catholics at their church down the street and over a bit form ours. It was so interesting to see the differences, but really cool that we where all together in harmony. The “Mormons” did well, taking first place with the Men’s and second with the Young Men. I was only able to come to the end with Sister Poll, so I missed all of the actual games, but it was great to talk to the members and meet some people of other faiths as well. I was really impressed by the prayer that the Methodist said at the end of the awards ceremony. He told God that he was grateful that this event proved that peace between religions is possible. That is something really lovely to think about.

I started teaching this woman who has been a casual Muslim her whole life, but wants to learn more about what I do here. She has such a different understanding but she also said how she thinks religions are not all so different. I agree, we have one God and I worship the same god that Catholic people do, or Baptists or anyone. It all started as God’s plan for us, and no matter the background or belief now. No matter who believes that there is no god, or is not sure what they believe. We are all here living on this earth, as people trying to figure life out, trying to figure how to be better. It is beautiful. The Plan of Salvation is Beautiful.

Beautifully blocking the Sun

Beautifully blocking the Sun

Well, I feel I could go on, but you know we are all learning, it is important to realize every moment is a part of our life, Even the little waiting parts in between so enjoy all of it. Find the loveliest bit of each day. Remember that you are loved. And if you are not feeling loved, send me a email and I will tell you just how important you are.

On another note, please realize that if you order a vegetarian with pepperoni, be prepared to eat a lot of artichoke and no pepperoni because they will put peppers on it instead. Salami people. Say salami.

Also, I cannot eat a whole pizza and I never want to try to do that again. #thankgoodnessforeldermccarthur #Grazforthewin.

Sister Gardner

Austrian Ole'

Austrian Ole’

Question of the day:   Where am I on my personal Pride Cycle?

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