We’re Tyin’ a Knot, They Never Can Sever.

We’re tyin’ a knot, they never can sever. I don’t need sunshine now to turn my skys to blue. Graz, I don’t need anything but you.

So the verdict is in. I am staying in Graz for another transfer.
Yeah! Cheers and Applause. Sorry Graz if you where sick of me, you get to listen to my singing for a little while longer.

This week is a week of changes.
Tall Tales time.
I gained 200 lbs from all the chocolate I ate so I had to buy a completely new wardrobe. We got  iPad Boxes but we opened the box and they had all turned into The book of Mormon. Surprise, the most up to date tool to teach is this book which starts in B.C. Elder Durrant has been transferred to St. George, Utah. And Sister Poll has a new area but no new companions….

Our District Family- Sister Poll, Elder McArthur and Elder Durrant.

Our District Family- Sister Poll, Elder McArthur and Elder Durrant.

By now you are realizing that all this sounds a little obnoxious.
Elder Durrant is finished with his mission, and Sister Poll is going to Vienna to be with Sister Kramer, which if you recall is my Beatles Yoga buddy that I tausched (exchanged)with twice. But, here’s the kicker. Sister Poll could still theoretically do a companion exchange to Graz. We will still be comps sometimes. Plus we are in the same stake. Ha. I was sane enough to not experience death by chocolate in our last P-day visit to a chocolate factory, but I was chocolated out for a few days.

But may I turn your attention to an important item of business. True we did get I-Pads. Only one box had a Book of Mormon within. That was to prove a point. It really is the most useful tool for our day. Whether you read it from a little red book, or blue book, or your smart phone, or the gold rimmed quad from when you where eight. The Book of Mormon has the ability to inspire and enlighten. It is True and most importantly provides us a priceless experience to ask God of it’s truth and then feel that it is true. From the time of the teaching of the Nephites to people in England reading the word and then sailing across the sea to help build a temple, to yesterday on the fourth floor in the apartment of a recovering smoking addict, The Book of Mormon helps people. It brings faith because reading it is an act of faith. When you exercise faith you strengthen and grow your faith and you desire more good. It is a happy cycle of strength and resilience if you let it.

Austrian Cafe

Austrian Cafe

So, L has a baptismal date! Hurrah, he just needs to get a few more answers and we will help him work towards that. Plan it out so that he can reach his goal. I am so happy to have someone who is working hard and progressing and really trying to figure out what God wants him to do, how he can help himself have a better life.

I hear about productions going on at home, about the lovely things being performed and sometimes I miss it, but then I get to look around at this beautiful cast all around me. So many people so true to their part for they are playing themselves. I have a unique opportunity as a missionary to forget the common cares of work and school and love and just focus on other people. Focus on serving them. I was trying to think of some way to describe it. I think it must be that setting apart. I am part of what is happening around me, but in such a different way. I bring my own strengths to the table and work to talk to people. I am always helping people make decisions.

Maybe I am the Swing in a production. I can play so many parts that I am not just one person. I know how to be the teacher, I know how to navigate, I serve and I am also the learner. Sometimes I get to take the lead sometimes I am providing support with my solid knowledge of the steps. I know the music; I am living it all the time. I have never been a swing in a production, goodness I really have not been in that many productions. So I cannot say for sure. But I just feel this sort of lovely Eternal perspective. When I am really focused. It is not hard to switch back and think to much of my worries, my cares. But then I remember that I am here to help others. For a while I don´t get to put my ” at homeself” aside and while I am still myself I am also a full time instrument in the hands of the Master. And the Master’s goal is to love, strengthen and teach his children.

So I´d like to thank you President Kohler, for really showing me the way.
I´d like to thank you president Kohler, cause I’m in Graz to stay.
I don’t know what’s in the future. Or who I will meet today.
But I know that God is looking after, and I will find a Way.

Do you want to build a snowman?.....Um, maybe not.

Do you want to build a snowman?…..Um, maybe not.

My weekly advice to you:

Probably something to do with making sure you don’t leave a banana in the silverware drawer because you where hiding it from the fruit flies. This because then you will find it, it will all be one color that is not yellow and then you won’t be able to eat it anyway when you do finally find it again.

Ah, all I need is simple little things…..


Life is good.
Sister Gardner.

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