1. I get to stay in Graz
2. My friends E and A came to church. (the two non member daughters of a member)
3. Saying goodbye to Elder Durrant. It is sad that he is going, Sister Poll too, but nice to look at all of our good memories.
4. An older member’s grandson was playing piano in the other room while we visited with her. Wow!
5. Picking Cherries for Sister B.
6. having a first meeting with our new GML. I will miss our old one, but he is going to Germany to get married to his true love. The new one wears polka dot ties, switches into Lithuanian sometimes, and quotes scriptures for fun. I am a fan.
7. Baptismal Date for L!
8.Seeing Salzburg… and almost making the train.
9. I-pads. I’m still not quite sure about that one. Cleaning the fingerprints off is slightly therapeutic, I think. Maybe. Ha.
10. Singing. In the shower, before bed, while ironing, walking to the bus stop (quietly), trying to sing in German in church and basically…..immer (always). But, not so much to drive Sister Poll up the wall.

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