A Story Of….

A story of two missionaries in the land of Graz…..

 That’s right friends, Graz has got a new team of Sister Missionaries.It was strange for me to look across the desk and see not a bouncy bunch of curly brown hair, but rather shorter cut with braided bangs.

 All this was quite the adventure and it has just begun. I am realizing quickly how much I do actually know about Graz, I know how to get around, how to find peoples houses. I know those in the ward, and those who are less active. I know the investigators. But I think most importantly. I love them.

 I really do, I was so glad that I would get to stay in Graz, I know someday I will have to give it up for new people and places that I will also grow to love, but for the time being, I will just soak it up and enjoy.

A Little Straight and Narrow by our Apartment

A Little Straight and Narrow by our Apartment

 Something wonderful happened this week! S was baptized he is a young adult age man that the Brück Elders have been working with. The Brück elders are in our district. Sister Smith and I went early to the church to start filling up the font, we were trying so hard to get the water to warm up. It was not freezing but just sort of luke warm. I pushed the button to warm it up more times than I can count. In retrospect, maybe that was a bad idea, but I did not know. The German word that was on it filled up the entire outlet on the wall. Long words in German are beastly. So, I did my best.

German, German and more German language study.

German, German and more German language study.

 We set up chairs; I helped the elders format the program on the computer and print it, and showed them where the clothes were for the baptism. Stephan got there shortly after the couple from Brück that brought flowers and a tablecloth. He walked in and I went over to shake his hand, you could just tell he was excited. It was cool to be able to look at him and see it in his eyes. He is a really cool guy. He works in Graz but lives in Brück, so sometimes he will come to the JAE (Young Single Adult) activities. I have gotten to know him, and talked to him about travel and photography once. And I have played games with him and the others at FHE. So it was like seeing a friend be baptized. I was also so, so happy because so many people came to support him. I also really loved singing ” When I am Baptized” auf deutsch at the baptism as a special musical number. It really helped us Graz missionaries get pumped that we can find the people who are prepared here too.

Don't forget to stop and smell the roses.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

 I am doing an activity for the young woman this week. On Tuesday, I am teaching a voice lesson, and doing a mini dance class. I really hope they all invite their friends so that it can be the excellent experience it has the capability to become. It will also be fun to dance again. I try and do some ballet bar sort of things during frühsport (exercise) sometimes, but it is not the same. I am grateful I can use my talents out her on my mission. I hope that the Junge Damen (young women) really like it.

 Here is a little about our new Sister and Elder. Sister Smith has been out on her mission for a year or so and has served in Germany. She has also been one of the lucky few that gets to go to Switzerland as an American. So now she will have served in the three main countries of our mission. She is a super contactor, and has been amazing me by speaking with so many people on the street. She is great at German. She comes from California, and loves the beach. She also has great style and is a wonderful cook. I am so excited to get to know her better and work with her. Elder Wise is from Utah. He likes to play American football and he is actually younger than Elder McArthur even though he is the senior companion. He is lots of fun and really enthusiastic. He also has really cool two-tone glasses.

Climbing anyone?  Oh how I like the options for getting from one floor to the next in this store. I miss climbing.

Climbing anyone? Oh how I like the options for getting from one floor to the next in this store. I miss climbing.


We four are so excited for a fresh start in Graz, I really believe things are going to start happening more and more over here. It will not be easy, but good things often must be worked for. Ha.  A missionary in Europe always needs to work hard to find people ready to be taught, but they are out there.

 I was reading this week about Alma and Amulek and the lawyers that try to get them down. Zeezrom is doing his best to trick them, but in the end he feels the spirit, repents of his sins and then is converted to the gospel. It really is an amazing story about someone finding the church and it making their life better. He has faith and is healed. His life is changed for the better.

 This is a bit short today, but I am a bit short too (height wise), so I suppose it is ok.

 Love you all.

Sister Gardner


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