1. Navigational/ bus lines under construction adventures. This is more of a hindsight happy thought because during it, I just wanted to throw my map at the nearest Straussenbahn.

2. Making frosting and then realizing the entire box you thought you had of powdered sugar actually has only 25 g and that is when you round up optimistically. And the recipe calls for 250g so you end up frosting the brownie/ muffin birthday cake with mostly Nutella.

3. Happy little red berries that I had never tasted on ice cream. (Red currents)

4. We gave out three copies of the Book of Mormon on one bus ride.

5. The döner man got a new bigger shop; we went and ordered one from him to help him feel supported. Heh. Heh. (A döner is a flat bread sandwich)

6. I sang a song in Sacrament meeting with one of the lovely members who was an opera singer.

7. Lighting is the most lovely of sky art.

8. Elder McArthur had his birthday and we ate cake and played one game of foosball during our lunch hour.

9. Teaching people who make me so happy just because they are kind and the gospel makes people happy.

10. The American people from a Utah college staying here studying opera that I get to translate for on Sundays.

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