One More Longing Upward Glance

One More Longing Upward Glance

That’s what prayer is, isn’t it. One more look up to God before you begin, one more before bed, before you leave your apartment, or knock on that door. It connects us with our Father in Heaven and connects us to a power source far beyond our own. Also hope. It is a hope generator, it has been for thousands of years. So take that modern technology.

Something that makes me happy is that on my mission I have finally been able to get down saying morning prayers. Seriously, I had tried before with prayer rocks and phone reminders but I guess what I needed was better perspective of its importance.
“Everyone has to go on an alpine hike on their mission…… That was it.”
-Sister smith.
Yes, it was. My legs are telling the story right now.
I can hear them.

(Sister Gardner’s district hiked the Mixnitz hike today. It looked amazingly beautiful (I looked it up) but lots of stairs.I got this picture of the hike, but can’t wait to get Sis Gardner’s pictures)

Mixnitz Hike-  Lots of stairs, waterfalls and beautiful scenery.

Mixnitz Hike- Lots of stairs, waterfalls and beautiful scenery.

I have a Different story to tell though.

It is the story of M from Egypt.
I was humming at the bus stop and then a bee attacked. Or more just flew by I suppose. M told me I had a nice voice and I guess with my knowledge of German I though he was making some comment about our reaction to a bee landing on me. No. He was not. But luckily it was clarified. But then he talked with us about how to learn German, he has been working on it for a long time, and guess what folks I can do it too (learn German) according to him. I gave him a card when we had to get off the bus. Surprise. I get a call from the sisters in Vienna. Guess who gave them a call. M. Guess who accidentally gave someone a Vienna card that was still in my bag from my Tausch (exchange) in Vienna. But because the church is true and God works with imperfect people, Sister Smith, W., the opera singer from America and I were drinking raspberry juice in M’s purple living room.

Basically every question he asked could be cleared up by the knowledge of the plan of salvation. I have never met someone with so many of the right questions before. His wife and two children will also be blessed by our message. It was beautiful to hear someone expressing the big questions they have had; the worries that the bible alone could not calm. And being able to tell someone with honesty that you have the answers they have been seeking. Beautiful. I will never get tired of that ever.

Or, when your little Hindi investigator tells you that even though she needs two months to finish her house and come to terms with the fact that she lost her baby because her body could not handle growing a baby inside and having severe chickenpox at the same time, and will keep reading until she can meet with us. She then tells you that she has two angels, three counting the one in Vienna. I am glad I did not start crying because that was a real thing that could have happened. All over the plastic flower tablecloth and the orange cup with vitamin juice inside.

I feel love here. Which is funny because I have had more doors slammed in my face than most times in my life. He he heh. But that is the beauty of it. I am just a little part of their story, a little eyelash blink in these people’s eyes. It is not easy but it is miraculous.

Can you guess which doorbell the group decided to ring first?

Can you guess which doorbell the group decided to ring first?

“You will sow what you reap, reap what you sow, what you plant in the kingdom will surely grow and what you grow with love will surely bloom and the fruit of the spirit will come back to you. Do not tire form doing good and never give up when the road gets rough, for one day soon a great reward you’ll see from the good that you’ve done when the harvest comes. When the harvest comes… And the fruit of the spirit will come back, come back to you.”

If planting bulbs is my work and my glory, I will plant till my hands grow weak. I am a “Gardner”, and I will help them grow.

I send my love and prayers.

Sister Gardner

P.S. M’s favorite story from the Bible is Joseph, as in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Joseph. He says he relates to him because Joseph was an auslander (foreigner) just like him, but relied on God for strength.

The Wien Zone Sisters  Sis Poll, Sis Gardner, Sis Smith and Sis Krammer

The Wien Zone Sisters Sis Poll, Sis Gardner, Sis Smith and Sis Krammer

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