I Believe In You, I Believe In You

I Believe in You, I Believe in You.

I am coming to you on a Wednesday this week. Oh exciting!

This week was a glorious, strenuous, exhausting and exhilarating week.

Austria's National Library

Austria’s National Library

Library in Vienna

Library in Vienna

I was in Salzburg and Vienna and all the way through to Munich, Deutschland. Lots of getting to know new people and really thinking, praying, pondering how we can help. It was nice to see my MTC companion Sister Burgess again, for she, as a European is locked away in Switzerland. Ha ha. She is doing well. It was just nice to all come together and I really loved learning from President Kohler and Sister Kohler. We also had the opportunity to get to know the zone leaders better. They are nice elders. I feel really involved and invested in the Vienna (Wien) zone and I love it. It is like a big family we work to take care of everyone.

Sister Burgess, my companion form the MTC.

Sister Burgess, my companion form the MTC.

New Friends at training Conference.

New Friends at training Conference.

Mission conference friends

Sister Poll at the conference.

Sister Poll at the conference.

Hey, It's even Elder Hadfield a friend from my very own high School German class.

Hey, It’s even Elder Hadfield a friend from my very own high School German class.

Well I am sure you have been waiting for this, W was baptized!!!!!

It was a most wonderful taufegottesdeinst. There where 100 people there, we did it in the chapel and when it was time for the baptism we all tried to squish into the room with the baptismal font. It was great, his whole family was there, his son in laws family, ward members from multiple wards, investigators and less actives. We sang a song, Sister Pratt and I. The Bishop got my programs all printed out for me, and the all the elders (Elder Call and Elder Chilcutt) even managed to fill the font with warm water when it was filling up too slowly. Two of the Vienna companionship came, Elder Bowers and Monson, in our district and Elder Plumb and his golden, Elder Elwell. They all saved the day.

I talked to W’s daughter she was taking pictures of the event trailed closely by her four year old. She was saying how it seems like a dream and she was not quite processing it; that it was really happening. She got a little choked up. I know everyone is so happy he is now a member of the church. They have loved him for years and years, now it is official. Lots of little wonderful things happened. I wish I could explain all the little things. Me getting after W when he was doing dishes.  “Hey, let us do this. You go enjoy your party”, Or all the copper roses on the white tables. Or the cinnamon rolls and meat platters. It was a beautiful moment the next day when he was confirmed in Sacrament meeting with his children and grandchildren watching. I felt so happy, happy for his family and for him.

Loved the copper flowers.

Loved the copper flowers.

Well, that was the end of the week. We were pretty tuckered out by Sunday, so we were very glad when we finished planning and were able to go to bed.

I think I shall now direct your attention to the title of this email.

In the musical How to Succeed in Business, Finch is singing about himself. In this case, I do not mean me, I mean my savior Jesus Christ. One of Elders Call’s favorite scriptures is (Alma 26:11-12) the one that talks about not boasting of yourself but rather my God, my Father and his Son. We were working on demur humility in our district this week. It is something I though I had more of, but in fact find that I must strive to improve it everyday, I know that when I humble myself to my Father in Heaven’s will. I do it his way and therefore in the best way. He is there as I strive to give my best and to give me hugs when my head hangs, red faced in shame. He helps me work it out. …. Life is very short and there’s no time for fussing and fighting my friend. I am striving to, as Elder Dieter F Uchtdorf puts it, live up o my privileges and remember, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

On our bikes in the rain.

On our bikes in the rain.

My dear fiends, I hope you see the good this week, and see the beauty in the dismal and variety in the “plot twists” of life.

I also hope you win at the clue card game when you play it silently with the Zone leaders of Austria In a crowded bus for 3 hours with everyone sleeping. Ha ha, you’ve got to love the little things, like Musli for breakfast.

Have a good one!

All my love, Sister Gardner

Sisters in Vienna

Sister Pratt and Sister Gardner in Vienna

P. S. it is Fall.

P. S. it is Fall.

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