I’d Be Delighted

I’d be delighted

Delight is a lovely word.

It is not just happy, or glad or sort-of-pumped-up-but-also-a-little-bit-tired-so-wahoo-everyone-else-is-excited-so-i-guess-i-am-too sort of feeling.

No. It is Delighted.

I am Delighted to be a missionary.

It is exhilarating to see people learning and always trying to think of new good ways to help and love them. Every time I read stories in the New Era or Ensign, I see it. I see this from different perspective. From a missionary perspective, which ironically includes see it from everyone else’s view too.  From long time members, from people on the street, from recent converts, people who have never prayed in their life, children, parents, Germans, those who have lost their faith, students, friends, and hundreds of other people we meet throughout the week.

Perspective is what I am working to get, to gain the perspective that helps me love people how they need it. To inspire and push just enough to help them find their courage to try, to exercise their faith.

The one perspective I don´t know if I will ever totally reach is Christ’s. If I understood that perfectly, I would be an unstoppable missionary. I am working to be more Christ like, so that I can invite the spirit who will help me understand.

This week was filled with many good things, it went by really fast, and I think I will just give some highlights of this week.

  • Helping the R family as they are cleaning up and repairing and rebuilding their house that was burnt a few months ago.


    Service with a Smile

    Service with a Smile

    Helping to fix it up.

    Helping to fix it up.

  • Going to zone training in Stuttgart and then grabbing an ice cream cone and sitting in the beautiful main garden with fountains and happy people sitting on benches and enjoying the good weather.
  • Meeting with K and his many “brothers” in their cramped apartment with the elders. He thanked us for coming to him so that everyone can receive the gospel.
  • R got the priesthood on Sunday.
  • We are helping D and G get closer to setting a baptismal date.
  • Our investigator I had a choir concert and we were able to go. The German choir sang all English African spirituals. The ironic part of her singing a solo about taking the yolk upon us, is that she does not believe in Jesus Christ. We are working on that.
  • We made schnitzel. It is not Herbs but it was good.

    Making Schnitzel

    Making Schnitzel

  • Cleaning the Church and Chinese food with V and The S family.
  • Little towns and lovely people.Tubingen river

I am sorry this letter is a bit shorter this day, but I want to extend a challenge to you.

Look this week for someone who´s burden can be lightened, and then act.

Be Delighted!

Love, Sister Gardner

Can you see the face?

Can you see the face?

Colorful Building

Colorful Building

in Tubingen

Fun  fountain with animals

Fun fountain with animals and Sister Wilkes

Tübingen at Night

Tübingen at Night

A cute little Cafe

A cute little Cafe

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