Those Things that Make You Smile

Ten great things from last week:

1.Test flavors at Ritter Sport Chocolate Factory

  1. A burrito, finally.
  2. Leaves crunching underfoot
  3. French toast
  4. 2 Nephi 31:20
  5. Singing Missionaries.
  6. Sister Wilkes and I get to create a musical number for Christmas Conference.
  7. 5 new investigators
  8. Watching little birds on the balcony.
  9. Birthday emails.

Wonderful thing from this week;

  1. Elder Petty´s one liners
  2. Ice cream in Stuttgart
  3. J, the American staying here, saw us on the street while he was at a cafe with his friend from Georgia. (the country) He ran up to us and asked us to come say hello. He brought her to church. Unfortunately, there is not a Georgian copy of the Book of Mormon yet, but she is fantastic.
  4. We got to eat Chinese all you can eat after cleaning the church with one of the American families.
  5. Little ducks

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