In Extraordinary Ways

In Extraordinary Ways
suddenly a day can be so amazing…

About this time last week, sitting in the same internet Cafe, we got a call from our president asking if we had room in our apartment for another sister. Funny considering the mattress has not even been removed from the last time there was a dritt (a companionship of three). An hour later, it was all fixed, on Tuesday evening Sister Strihavka joined our land of Tübingen.. while I was on tausch with sister Poll in Ludwigsburg.

our Dritt

Our Dritt

I was very excited to get to know this new friend and Sister Wilkes and I have been showing her the ropes because she has not been to the MTC yet. She will be serving in the Temple Square Mission, but is serving here while she waits for her visa. She is fantastic, everyone is so happy to have someone that speaks perfect Deutsch. We are pretty excited too. ha ha.

animal wall

Sister Gardner in Ludwigsburg

sis poll

Sister Poll

This week we had our Meet the Mormons movie activity. We cooked so much popcorn on the stove. We got a lot better at it as we went along. We even ventured to make a sugared popcorn, who knew Germans liked their kettle corn. Even though we were worried that not everything would work, with the projectors and players and everything, thanks to the audio knowledge of Elder Petty and a lot of German people all trying to do the same job, ha, it all worked. I, meanwhile was making the saft ( juice) in the kitchen .

Shout out to little powdered juice packets.

Though there were not as many people as we hoped, I think it was an uplifting experience for those who came along. We gave everyone a picture of Christ after the movie and invited them to write their testimony on the back and share it with someone who needed it. What I realized is that I am really out of practice of watching movies. ha ha, it was the best when I got to watch it in English the next day and R was sitting there next to me, making random comments, which is how I often watch movies. I also found out about boxing from a boxers perspective watching a woman do kickboxing. Imagine that.

flower wALL 2

“My kind of wall”

Another adventure of the week was certainly when it started snowing for the first time. I went out to go look at the stars on the balcony and I was surprised not by pinpricks of light but rather little white flecks. We were all dancing around in it on our not so giant balcony. But then we heard the neighbors coming out. We share the balcony with them. There is a cloudy glass looking wall between our two sections and then some little outing

I am going to be singing In church an advents song, called Macht hoch Die Tür. We went over to the W’s to practice and got soaked from the rain. They packed our wet shoes with newspaper and put them on the radiator to dry. Then we enjoyed a most lovely four course meal, and then we sang and there was hot chocolate and cookies. Seriously, it was like a visit to grandma and grandpa’s.

It makes me happy to hear Schau instead of Gook. Schau means to look, so does Gook, But they don´t use Gook in Austria. But now we have been using it more again because we are speaking in German(Austrian) all the time.

sis s

Sister Strihavka

This week at zone training president was talking about finding people. He said that people on average need to come in contact with the church seven times before they will be ready for it. Every time I speak with someone I don´t know what number they will be, but I do know that I am bringing them one closer, no effort is wasted.

Well, my dears, I need to close this up and I just want to invite you to focus on hope this week. 2 Nephi 31:20- “Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life”.

I love you!
Sister Gardner

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