Anything But Quiet

Anything but Quiet

I feel glad to be a missionary in this week of my half way mark. I cannot believe all the time that has past and all the joy I have felt working to serve and love God´s children. I am excited for what the next 9 months bring.

“Christopher Columbus…. I´ll be Astonishing”.

hump day

Camel Cookies and Hump day.  Sister Gardner is officially over half way.

My heart is full.

With a week filled with bustling from place to place, speaking to so many people, and already the lights of Christmas dotting the streets and shops, I cannot help but feel cheerful and glad.

Among the excitement of Advent was one protruding and very American bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy. We were blessed to enjoy Thanksgiving twice this week. First in the very large young single adult center with almost all of the missionaries in our zone. It felt like being in America, everyone speaking English and all of us drinking kool-aid over our turkey and stuffing…… and Pumpkin Pie! I think something else that was lovely was seeing sister Strihavka react to all of this American culture for the first time. Plus I sat with my “mom” and her companion so it was really like family… ( Sister Poll and Sister Cook)…

and Pie.



It is ok, I was just pretty excited. about Pie.

ha ha, alright, but that was not the most wonderful part of the week, that happened on Sunday… .but pie is a close second.

The other thanksgiving was enjoyed with the American families in our ward and a few other friends and acquaintances. We are working with a new convert named R. R is from Syria and is working on his PHD as a Pharmacist here in Tübingen, and on the train over he told Sister Strihavka and I his whole story. He was really saved by finding the church. His life was spiraling down and he was lifted up by God. It was inspiring to hear his story.

sis S

Sister Strihavka and Sister Gardner on the train

Besides Thanksgiving, it was the glorious first Advent. I was so happy to sing a traditional Advents song in sacrament meeting, But I was even more excited when after weeks of asking and inviting and hoping and praying D and G and J all came to church. Plus F the investigator of the elders and their new investigator F a native American Cherokee living in Germany. He offered the prayer in our investigator class on Sunday. It was fantastic, and also very unique. But he did it in Jesus’ name so at least he has got that down.

Oh goodness this week just had so much good in it, I don´t know how to write it all roses

We made Christmas wreathes for a relief society activity, unfortunately our investigators we invited did not come, but we had some amazing gifts to give out. We also received all of the left over cookies and liebeküchen, and Stollen. We had no idea how we would eat all of it, so on the way home sister S started offering them to people. Sister Wilkes and I loved it.  I was able to send this happy man off with a bunch of cookies wrapped in a napkin and a card with our number and a link to watch a video about Christ. If anything, we found D and made a lot of peoples days.

advent wreath

Christmas Wreath made in Relief Society

goodies to share

Lebkuchen. looks so yummy.

I love teaching new converts, I am able to share more deeply with them the truths of the gospel that I have learned and hold close to my heart.

I felt the spirit in lessons a lot this week. I think the most powerful was when I shared my story of how I gained my testimony of the prophet. I remember going to conference a few years ago praying with all my heart for peace. I had listened to the conference gladly but as Thomas S. Monson said his closing remarks he said something like, ” may you accept the saviors promised peace:..” It was one of his last sentences in the talk, at the very end of the conference, but I can remember this feeling of love and warmth and truth spreading in my soul and heart. I knew that he had answered my prayer and question and that he was a true prophet of God.

I love you, and I wish you all peace as this Christmas season begins.

All my Love,

Sister Gardner

new zone old district

This is the group of missionaries in the Stuttgart Zone that were part of Sister Gardner’s MTC group. Elder Liechty, Elder ?, Elder Erickson, Elder Gappmayer, Sister Gardner, Elder Mantle, Elder McDaniels

our dritt

Ritter Museum of lights and mirrors.  Sister Strihavka and Sister Wilkes.

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