Sisters, Sisters…There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

Sisters Sisters
There were never such devoted sisters.
Never had to have a chaperon no sir,
I´m there to keep my eye on her.

Sharing caring every little thing that we are wearing
When a certain Wi-lkes left for home,
We wore the clothes she left “home”
( I have no time to be clever today)

All kinds of weather we stick together
The same in the rain or sun,
Two different faces, but in tight places
Think and we teach as one.

Uh huh

Those who´ve seen us
know that not a thing could come between us
closing doors have tried to split us up
but no one can.
Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister
( but really, I will put him in the hospital er. uh. I mean a very firm, very scary handshake)
Lord help us, sisters, to find people to teach the plan.
Hello all, all the way from Tübingen, Deutschland. I am bringing you the news of the work of salvation. You keep working on yours

The dritt

The Fearless Dritt before Sis Wilkes left on transfer day.

Goodbye sis wilkes

Sunny transfer day.

This week our fearless dritt became a equally fearless duo. It was strange to say goodbye to sister Wilkes. A) because it did not really feel like she was leaving for home b) She was leaving for Lindon. For my home town, my people. I kept telling her, “you get to hug my mom”. And then the next day again. You are actually going to be there. You get to hug my mom.

(Note from Sis G’s mom: After Sister Wikes homecoming I went up to her and said, can I just give you a little hug, you were just with Sis G. She was holding her scriptures and as I went to hug her she said, Oh no. She put down her scriptures and then proceeded to give me the biggest bear hug. You know, the kind that make happy tears come out of your eyes because you know that hug was a long distance hug from your daughter. A wonderful hug.)

Heh. heh. maybe that sounds silly, but It was this reoccurring thought, and now she is back. And now it is team Gardner and Strihavka. It has been really fun to learning from her as I am working to teach her. She really is amazing and I am loving speaking German with her all the time. However in the morning right when I wake up my German is pretty funny to listen to. We are still going running every morning. Yeah for bodies that are now used to waking up at 6 :20. I never would have thought it was possible. ha ha, No, it is possible.

Christmas market and Sis G

Christmas Market in Esslingen

market 4

Medieval Archery?

Something I have noticed these last few days is how when I am falling asleep I am thinking about the people I am teaching, or about certain questions Sister S asked me, or how I am going to talk with people tomorrow. I still think about things like music and my friends and families, but more and more the people here are becoming my family.

I felt that especially last night as I was riding home from Stuttgart with our GML and two of our new converts R and R. R had her arm around me and was trying to remember the words of a song in English. Bruder H is following his navigator device. R is playing with his phone and I am trying to tell stories about the tradition of going through tunnels on road trips in German. I tried to start up a sort of conversation about the Christmas devotional, I loved hearing about all of their different perspectives. I just really felt a feeling of comradery among a few lovely people who have found their place to fit in among the gospel.

(Link to Christmas Devotional):

I read this story this week that I think fits in with this. A young man watches a bag of seeds fall off of a truck into some drying asphalt. frustrated and not having time to pick all of the seeds out the driver leaves. The young man seeing the worth of the seeds goes and gathers them despite their now dirty exterior. He plants them and takes care of them, and these thrown out seeds yield a glorious harvest that benefits his family the whole year. It did not matter that they had been forgotten before, now they where a gathered treasure.

This fits in with missionary work perfectly. Obviously. Because the people we find and love and support, they are often like these seeds, with so much potential that just needs cultivation. and luckily… I am a Gardner.

The lady teaching the class on Sunday asked the question ” what do you think of when I say the word Gardener” Some great answers….. Spiritual. Then me ” I think of my name.” silence and then suddenly a bunch of giggling German ladies. I went on to back that all up with relating it to working in the Lords garden, but I was happy it made them chuckle.Esslingen 3EsslingenEsslingen 4

This week was filled with hellos and goodbyes and lots and lots of Christmas songs. I was happy to help prepare the Christmas party and then enjoy it with the members and investigators and new converts and everyone who came. I got to sing there and again at the stake Christmas Concert in Stuttgart. I am so glad that we can come together and worship the Lord through music and song.

Ward Christmas Party

Ward Christmas Pary

Keep the savior in your hearts. And the words of an amazing teacher.

” May the beautiful lights of every holiday season remind us of him who is the source of all-light.” -Elder David A. Bednar.
Have a Lovely Week,
Sister Gardner

The Nativity Video:

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