What a Wonderful Time to Love

What a wonderful time to love,
What a wonderful time to be here and alive
What a wonderful time to be living and giving
A wonderful time to Love.
I did not realize how much more those words would mean to me as I sang them a year ago. Now as I spend my Christmas time literally talking to everyone about Christmas and Christ and the peace it brings, I cannot but feel that I am giving and alive in a more profound way than I have been before. It is funny how when your life gets swallowed up in the service of others, how much you actually as a person are not taken away from or weakened rather strengthened and refined into something more.
This last week flew by. They all seem to these days. It is almost like a week is one day and we just take little naps in between. When your life is in six week increments it changes things a bit.

Tübingen greenhouse

Tübingen indoor garden on pday.

pday outing

P day Adventures

Fun with Finding this week- ready set go!
• We stopped a couple the man had his long grey brown hair in a ponytail. We introduced ourselves and started talking about Christmas. They don´t really celebrate Christmas. They don´t have a Christmas tree. But they don´t mind it when someone decorates the tree in front of their yard, because cutting a tree is a waste. He introduced himself by his first name and then started explaining du sprach to me. Oh goodness. at the end we tried to give them a card they said no, but then he said. I also am part of a group, ” it is called the free hugs initiative” then the hippie couple hugged us.
• Then there was J, who really just wants to go to culinary school.
• And the little Chinese medical student waiting for a bus eating with chopsticks.
• The guy with dreads wearing a tardis scarf
• The lady on the bike who celebrates the birth of her brother instead of Christ on Christmas.
• Lots of people who for some reason have no time for Christ while in the process of buying CHRISTmas presents
• young women in a Christmas booth offering wares from India and the Himalayas. Prayer flags anyone?
• Cute little Russian moms with strollers
• and lots of doors after surprise singing performances.
I could go on. But I think you get the idea.
We had a beautiful lesson with J, we watched the restoration film, and I felt the spirit so strongly. He did not commit to be baptized but he is getting closer. He says he will pray about it, if he needs to do it again. I know that the spirit is there when we teach him because he and I are both edified and we rejoice together.

chocolate Santa

A Chocolate Santa

I have been singing Christmas carols and eating Christmas cookies, we are excited to go to Stuttgart today with F and the elders to experience once more the magic of the Christmas market. Last week we went to the indoor gardens in Tübingen. They were beautiful.
I invite you to be ready for Christ’s coming. To reflect on the words of the angel, ” good tidings of great joy”… How is Christ brining you joy and peace to your heart this December? This year? what are you going to change because of his birth? What for you was born into the world with his coming?

…..Today I am talking about Christmas. What about you?

Merry Christmas,
Love, Sister Gardner

A wonderful video:



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