I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

What do I care if Icicles form, I´ve got my love to keep me warm.

Sentimental lyrical adaptability to newlyweds, dog owners, hot chocolate enthusiasts and missionaries alike, Thank you to the man who wrote this song.

I am writing you finally, I know it has been a year since you heard from me, but I am coming to you live today from once again Tübingen, seated next to Sister Strihavka, I guess not much has changed, you’d think a whole year later there would be a bit of a different circumstance.
Alright enough with the new year´s jokes now it´s “time” for me to tell you about my week.
(audience groans)

Christmas Devotional

Singing at the Zone Christmas Conference

Stuttgart Zone

Stuttgart Zone

No, but really coming out of this holiday season means leaving behind celebration time and means more people have time to meet with us. Which for me makes me very happy. I have not forgotten who I am, I am still excited to hum a Beatles song when I need a little extra motivation during frühsport (exercise) and probably can turn what you said into a musical number, with choreography, But I have certainly become more of a missionary as I think about what makes me happy. I am so excited when someone comes to church, when a member invites an investigator to eat, when I have a really good conversation on the street, when I have empty pockets at the end of the day, or a lighter bag because I gave away all my pass along cards and the copy of the book of Mormon I always carry. Live is good here on Gartenstraße.

Christmas Tree 2016

Christmas Tree filled with cutout hands and notes from friends and family

Giant Christmas Pyramid

Christmas Market

At the Christmas Markets

We had a nice tausch (exchange) this week, I was able to work with my “sister” ( Sis Puckett) while the little darling ( Sis Strihavka) went to go visit “Grandma” (Sis Poll) in Ludwigsberg. It was so interesting to go from speaking German with a native to first transfer missionary learning German. It is wonderful to also see how both of them are equally powerful. Knowing the language does really help, but our success is measured by our desire, and I could feel the desire radiating from Sister Puckett. We had a good day, met a new less active who made us spring rolls, found three people who want Turkish copies of the Book of Mormon, and also managed to Teach O and R. Lots of traveling and lots of learning. It is moments like those when you realize that somehow missionary experience has snuck up on you. I did not even realize really how quickly the time was going until I was able to see myself through this tausch, really how much I have learned.

Sis Puckett

Sister Puckett in Tübingen on exchanges

We had a nice time with some members this week to celebrate the new year, and F is all ready for his baptismal date. Next Sunday. We invited to all our appointments the elders, and he came along to meet all the members. He has come to church three times now but that is still not enough time for him to get to know lots of people, so that was helpful.
Last week we went kegling. It is like bowling but with smaller balls, fewer pins, and a slightly rounded alley, meaning the ball almost always curves to the side. It was nice. Elder Maw told him I would be there at the baptism with pom poms to cheer him on. ( he likes American football) ha ha. Not only is he an investigator, he is a friend. He called us at midnight on New Years eve even though we were already asleep. Well half a asleep. They launch so many fireworks here, I woke up. It was very foggy so really out the window I could only see clouds of different colors and it went on for a very long time. I really liked it, I will have to come spend a new years here again when I can stay up and participate. Sister Strihavka and I bought little party blowers and made new years party hats to celebrate. It was good. I was happy. She is great. building
I don´t have much time left, but I wanted to tell about how J is amazing. We started our lesson about fasting, and he asked about coffee. Alert Alert! So we clarified the word of wisdom. Guess, what, he already has been living it for years and years! Wahoo! Then we covered fasting, we come to talk about fast offerings. ” why doesn´t the church have you pay tithing? ” J asks.
Ha ha, actually, look at this donation slip. Word of wisdom, law of the fast, law of tithing and other offerings. Bam. One lesson. He accepts and wants to do it all, and he was the one leading it. Almost. The lessons with him are going great. We explained that he does not have to pay anything until he is a member. Well. I guess that is just too far away. Because he paid fast offerings. He is so cool. He just needs prayers so that he will open himself up to get baptized.
I pray for you, you pray for the people I am teaching? Deal?
Sound Good? Good.
Love you,
Sister Gardner

Zone Sister at Christmas

Stuttgart Zone Sisters

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