That Thing Called Love


Give me years and I´ll want more time.

Give me give me that thing called love.

Now of course I am not talking about the running around looking for roses or the strains of Sinatra and folded up sneakily placed torn out notebook pages with rain splatter ink written “I love you ´s”. That was a different part of Valentine’s Day, and I do wish you a Happy Valentines. I am talking about a most lovely kind of love, the missionary kind.

The kind that compels you to paint little water color hearts and then write John 3:16 on the back, that kind of love.Come on inlooking out


I have had a good week, filled with plenty to do and a continuous feeling of how on earth are we going to get it all done. But that is the best.
Some unique things that happened this week

  • Church tours for our new investigator J, her prayer was simply lovely. When we told her she was a daughter of God she really took that to heart. She said a sweet prayer and she is excited to learn more about God and our church.Sis G and a castle
  • We had another lovely International food night at the S’s. We gave them all copies of the Book of Mormon so that they could write their testimonies in them and then have them either give it to someone or give it back to us so that we can give it out and tell them how it goes. I think having a testimony and even a few marked scriptures is a really personal touch. R was reading the title page to us on the train ride back with the others. We could not understand the Arabic but you could still feel that sort of quite feeling of the spirit.
  • We had interviews in Stuttgart with president and then for training we finally where able to watch the world wide missionary broadcast. I loved it. It helped me with many brainstorming sessions I have been having lately. I know it was inspired from the spirit. I felt it so strongly.tubingen 2
  • We finalized the flyers and some more of the details for our musical concert the 27th of February. We met early before church to practice the choir song. We have a lot of good songs we just need to figure how we can get them all to fit together in a logical artistic the mist
  • There is a church in Tübingen that has been doing a free lunch as an opportunity for people of different religions and backgrounds to get to know each other. Our GML recommended that we stop by. I was a little skeptical at first, but it turned out to be a really effective use of our lunch hour, we had some great conversations and met people who are interested in coming to the concert.misty day
  • We had a family home evening with P and her two sons. It was really nice and she also made us fufu, think thick mashed potatoes that you roll into a ball and then dip into sauce with meat. It was good. I am just a weakling that cannot devour the African spice but it was really good.Castle wall
  • We had an appointment with a part member family. Sister A is the wife, she is a convert and has an amazing testimony. She is a super missionary, but her husband is a very headstrong Austrian guy. But he committed to take the lessons. Sister Strihavka and I sang the first vision song, Oh, How Lovely was the Morning, and it really brought the spirit. I am always grateful for the spirit.Welcome home

That is the message that I want to leave with you this week.

The spirit confirms truth. You can bring any question, any concern, any doubt to God in prayer and if you feel the spirit when you ask you can trust that it is true. Or that it is still true. I am glad for that knowledge I have gained through countless times on my knees asking or in my heart pondering.I see it

There is power in bearing testimony. I was reminded of that this week.

I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and that he has a plan for us. He has restored his church to the earth that we may partake of blessing and return to him. Jesus Christ understands us perfectly and welcomes us to find peace for ourselves.

I send my love,

Sister GardnerSis S and Sis Gtubingen ceiling

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