Only in Tübingen…

Only in Tübingen…

The strange thing about exchanges is knowing that somewhere a few bahnstops and a train ride and a bus until the sidewalk jaunt an appointment for your people is going on, and you are in a different city teaching a different family and you can do absolutely nothing about it. Not that you would need to, because you trust your companion, and you also know that for some reason it was very important to go and love this different part o the garden for the day. Also the little kids showing you their picture books and jumping around like kangaroos, and the dad almost praying in the circle for family prayer despite his obvious uncertainty, and the smiling single with her pretzels and indoor trampoline who happens to speak Hungarian and running for trains like always, is still a pretty amazing day.

Also reminiscing with my “Sister” about “Mom” It was good to be back in Ludwigsburg, but it was lovely to jump back into things here in good old Tü.

sister on a conference call

Sister Gardner and Sister Strihavka on a district conference call.

Big news everyone, Sister Strihavka has gotten her visa… well the paperwork for it anyway. We just need to do a few more things in Münich and then we will be well on our way for helping her be able to leave April 5th for the MTC and then off to Salt Lake City. When I found out, my heart did a tiny little happy jump for her, but also a lot of no, no, no! I am excited that she can go on to her mission she was called too, but I have really loved this time with here, hopefully we will stay together till she needs to leave, but only time will tell. And by time I mean transfer calls on Saturday.

We had a nice zone council on Tuesday and we did a little presentation about how we have been able to find success with finding new investigators. We made the interesting discovery that most of our most reliable investigators were found through service. Not service projects, but simply going about doing good. I like that style, It feels real and it creates an immediate connection because they really see that you are there to help. It shows sincerity and people are able to trust you.

This week, Sister S got called to be a ward missionary, which is amazing because we need a ward missionary and a woman is even better because we are always needing joint teaches. I got really excited when they announced it and stopped translating for a second, which was actually ok because it was Sister S and her husband I was translating for. I think it made her happy to hear my little excited gasp. Yeah, German may be a bit of a struggle, but I am just glad that she will be able to help us. I am determined to use this new opportunity.

ice cream break

A little ice cream break. Sis Strihavka, Sis Baker, Elder Erickson

J is still doing great. We are so excited for her baptism, and the ward is actually doing a great job with befriending S and being excited for J. They are funny, they think that because someone is visiting or new that only the missionaries can talk with them, they need to just jump in and show the new friends that they are loved.

Awesome example. A member in our ward has been bringing her non member boyfriend to church. Everyone is friendly but leave it up to one of our awesome new converts to take the initiative to invite him to do something social with him and get to know each other better. I see many small examples of this, even something so small as J asking her brother to come pray with the family. I am glad when others are brave enough to open their mouth and really make a change in this work of salvation.

We had some interesting lessons this week, a few people we thought where strong showing that they actually have been struggling with some very basic parts of the gospel, but we will love them and testify and hope that the spirit can take this truth into their hearts.

Iim talking to you

I’m talking to you.

IN TO; because I can only bring it to their hearts.

I don´t have much time left but thank you for your support. It is great to hear from you. I pray for you. Of course.

We will be singing this Saturday, so if anyone is in the area, Tübingen. 16:00 Saturday.ö ha ha, just kidding, just keep humming, just keep smiling.
Oh but it´s grand…Hear what I´m sayin`´ Only in Tüüüüüüübbbiiinnnggeeeenn…

Sister puckett

Sister Puckett and Sister Gardner

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