Something From Millie

(A Note from Sister Gardner’s mother – This post is actually last weeks email 3-1-16 that because of wifi trouble didn’t come through to me for several days.  I was so glad when it finally did come through.)

Another transfer has slipped by me, and I am getting a bit older

I’m looking over this last week here in my planner and I can’t help but wonder how two whole transfers with my dear Sister Strihavka and I have gone by in the blink of an eye.

I use that phrase very pointedly, for in the blink of an eye, usually things still look rather similar, the sky is often still the same color and the apartment is still there with the two bags of apples purchased in preparation for the coming sister. And the Necker River still runs under the bridge and the pigeons still pick mindlessly at soggy cigarette butts on the sidewalk, the empty journal page still needs to be written on, and there are still phone calls to be made. Not much changes in one eye blink.

But of course things can. Traffic lights, the status of four stacked ice cream cones when faced with gravity, heart beats, stubbing your toe, popped balloons and I think most importantly opinions. Life keeps living amid the blinking eye, what helps it to seem less futile is to look at what really happened during that time. The time goes ever fast, “on wings of lightning” But The Lord proves that lightning bolt speeds are just fine, for he works in moments.

The moment of decision or mouths that open and are filled with the words spilling out that had stayed packaged In a neat little, ” open when you are brave” box on the never ending shelves of gifts to give if we only take the courage to speak. Moments of coming out of the water clean and sealed His through baptism, moments of sincere prayer and undeniable answer, moments forgotten that are later remembered and
the flinging of seeds to a currently fruitless field in hopes that some shall take root and grow to the giants they were always meant to be. The lord works in moments, but also perspective, a knowledge that a blink of an eye is often just the start of more than we as his learning, striving, forgetful children can comprehend. He
lives in moments and as I am his daughter and his handmaiden. That means I give my best to live in moments too. And that I can rejoice in every blink of an eye that I am so privileged to live and love and try to hold on to. Looking ever forward to the moments, I am so privileged to experience.


Sister Stihavka and Sister Gardner

I’ve got a song for you.

(roughly to the tune of Girl from the Beatles)

Is there anybody going to listen to my story
All about the boy who went to pray.
It’s the kind of work you love so much it makes you weary
But you don’t regret a single day
Oh joy-y this boy-y-y

He knew when he was young that faith would lead to answers
So he went and tested just to know.
A light came down and rested upon his shoulders
His eyes were filled with a heavn’ly glow
Oh joy-y-y this boy-y

It’s the kind tale that makes you glad when you are blue
Blue, blue, blue
It happened in a grove a trees when Joseph kneeled down on his knees
It’s true ooh true true
oh Joy-y-y this Boy-y

Some of you probably appreciated it more than other, but I think I can forgive that.

and so the “Augen Blick” goes forward. This week was a all leading up to the musical concert at the end of
the week on Saturday, rehearsals, writing the program, cleaning, setting up, practicing and calling people to invite the masses. The other time was spent running from town to train to bus to appointment
to bus and back again. We really did get to meet with many this week, some that we have just started meeting, some that are old favorites and some that have been a bit missing in action for a whileTübingen district and Felix

J is our sweet little Chinese gal that we are teaching, she came to church for the first time and we are meeting up twice this week. She is working on understanding or receiving answers to prayer. She said she would be baptized if she felt the feeling, so she had been praying for an answer this week and was very glad to report that. The troubles was that she prayed that for her answers a Chinese song would start playing. And it didn’t. I am all for clear signs and direct answers but we have got to work on the learning to feel answers.

Something sad. J has disappeared. He had a meeting to decide if he would be a loud to stay in Germany. We called and called and of course missed the one time he called back because we were in a lesson. He
left no message and then was not able to come to our lesson. Usually he calls if he will even be late, but this time, he just did not show up. We really fear he was deported. Which means he is now in Africa,
despite having been here for more than 15 years. I try not to think about the reality of it, but it is very possible I will never see or hear from him again. Please pray for him. With everyday of silence, the possibility that he is still in Germany gets even smaller.

And then of course that bit with R and her answers about the God head.

Saturday was almost a whole day event from studies in the morning to working madly to finish the program. Sadly that morning three people canceled. That was pretty frustrating, but elder Erickson played Claire de Lune for the concert because I knew he played that song, (one of my favorites). We had a nice mix of modern and classical, and then some bits of rock, alternative and of course a blasting addition of astonishing. Who would have thought that this song would get to see the light of day anywhere but my apartment on my mission, I am glad for that. It was a successful Evening of Music.

And now I have to go.

I love you all, have a good week.
Sister Gardner

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