Getting Better All The Time

Getting Better All the Time
This week was a week that wears you out but in the best sort of way. Lots to do, people to help, lives to help change. The usual for someone with this sort of name tag.
We had a nice singing stunde (hour) with the voice teacher of brother H. She has been helping him practice his solo for the choir song we are singing on Easter, I have got the Soprano solo so it was good to practice with her. She is a delightfully unique, very sweet lady. But you know what he is paying her to teach him to sing, so if she can do it, I can do it too. ha, it was nice, it is a good way to teacher her more about the church, she has interest to learn more but does not want the pressure of actually being an investigator so she is wavering between potential and something else. sunflower

We went to visit J every evening that we could, Just taking time to review and read in the scriptures. I just love this family. The baptism was great. We had a bit of a fiasco with the programs because the computer program in the church is so, so old but with some glue sticks and attempts at deep breathing we were able to get it all done. We tried to make it all very special, I bought her some white tulips and we made her a cake for after. Sadly it got eaten before I got a picture but I had made a layered flower out of sliced strawberries.
But all the preparations are not important. What was important was that yesterday at about 1 o´clock J G decided to be baptized. She decided to begin her journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ and with the quick dip, she was washed cleaned and made a covenant to think of Him always. I felt the spirit so strongly and she was so sweet. right before, I ran and grabbed her some socks from the closet and put them on her and then hugged her. She said something to the extent of “why does everyone keep hugging me” her mom replies, ” because they love you and are happy for you” It was something really special to see. I am so glad we were able to teach her and help her to make this promise. I can´t wait to see what she does as she grows up.
Of course part of me would love to see a little black badge, but we will see.


P-day Adventuring

It was an excellent thing for her family, Her brother is excited and her mom is more excited and her other older brother, the 21 year old, wants to be taught. He lives in the area of Elder Erickson, so I had him call him on our phone and they made an appointment. It was wonderful. I look forward to next week when she will receive the gift of the holy ghost. I was really grateful for her amazing primary teacher who gave great talks, and then of course her mom saying her first prayer for the congregation.

I love the way S talks with God, it is simple honest and beautiful, with pauses and listening and thinking what to say, just like a real conversation. I think I can learn a lot from that. I have high hopes for the eternal perspective of this family. S informed us that the papers G needs so that they can get married should be coming soon.

march dritt

The Tübingen dritt – Sister Strihavka, Sister Whiting and Sister Gardner

We had a nice time in Munich at mission tour, the area 70 talked to us about the missionary work here since the beginning. They showed us a picture of one of the first copies of the Book of Mormon given out in Germany, and very, very old pass along cards. The message, what will you leave behind? Who will remember you?

feeding the birds

Elder Petty and Sister Whiting

I have asked myself that a lot. What are my efforts actually going to do in the future. I know I do not have the whole perspective, but I can trust that God sees it. I just need to be ready to be the tool that God needs when He does his work.
We had a nice time with the Munich sisters and we got the visa all figured out. We also met some really cool people while we waited at the visa appointment. A couple whose wife went in for the interview and the man had to stay out with us to wait. And one of them being a tenor opera singer from china who gave us his email so that we can let him know about activities and music. He also took a copy of the Book of Mormon a long. I enjoyed that conversation very much.
All the lovely people, where do they all come from… all the lovely people, how could I ever go wrong.

oh, and my recommendation for you this week, take a look at the new Easter film. I suddenly hits you with the spirit like a ton of loving bricks. enjoy. enjoy the flowers.

tuppence a bag

Enjoy the birds too

I am happy. Until next week.
Love, sister GARDNER

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