Because I am a Fighter

Because I am a Fighter

I thought a few times that this week just seemed to have something against me. Like Wednesday for example, I go to bed thinking, oh yeah. Three appointments tomorrow, I am finally making things happen in this town. And then.

BOOM. Three appointments fall out. Two with members planned to be there.

Dun dun dun.


That is ok. Do you know why?

Do you know why despite this little whisper of a feeling of “what am I doing wrong.” There is this other little thought hovering, called “I am a child of God and my Father is an all powerful being with a perfect plan and perfect timing”

And then. It helps the little cloud move on and sunshine


Speaking of clouds, they bring rain. Which was the thing that made the soccer field very muddy for our zone activity on Tuesday. It was a nice little addition to zone training because we finally achieved our baptismal goal as a zone. So we got to play sports and do a bratwurst bbq. Hence the muddy field. Only a few people biffed it and had a backside full of outside all natural mud baths.

brats and mud

Salzburg Zone Mud Soccer

zone 3

I got to talk with a lot of people that I would usually have not much time to get to know. We have an elder from Peru in our zone. And because of this border being more open now for Switzerland we have a lot of Europeans. Brits and Germans and even Iceland. It makes me so glad. I think it means the next zone training will be in German. It is an important change for our mission culture. This thought sort of struck me during the meeting. So after that, I just made all my comments in German. The only American speaking in German to comment. Then the three German missionaries that are now serving in our zone had the courage to comment in German too, and it was this really cool moment. It reminded me of when sister Strihavka and I gave our part in the zone training in Stuttgart, we started in English because the whole meeting had been in English, but we had planned in German, so half way through we switched.

I know it was a small thing, but I hope I can continue this idea of breaking down the borders. R expressed to me a few months ago his concerns about not feeling really integrated into the ward. That is when we started the idea of the break the borders. You have to give some good effort to change things that are seemingly embedded in human DNA, this fear of the unknow, or something new. Think allegory of the cave for those that know that. That is why I am loving serving with sister Hofmockel. My fantastic Frenchie. 🙂 She is on the same page with me. I love it. She is great.

We went to meet with one our investigators this week, he actually works at a Catholic Church, so we went to the early morning service and then he invited to stay… For lunch… In the convent…. With the nuns…..

Yes! So suddenly I am eating breakfast with a bunch of old blue clad and cross wearing nuns. And we had a great time, and the main Mother actually is from America so she was glad to talk in English and the lady next to sister Hofmockel can speak French.

She reaches out and touches my arm. “A real Mormon. You are very brave coming here. I am glad you did. We have had Muslims and Baptists and Africans… But never any Mormons.” Ha ha, I actually got to teach a lot and then they invited to come back for lunch so that we could meet a certain R. They gave us a key to the convent for the afternoon so we could come back. “I want you to teach R, she should not be alone. Perhaps even she can become a Mormon.”

What?! No. A referral from a Catholic nun.

I get to sing for them. I walk through their garden. Do personal study in the chapel… And then meet R….

We gave her a Book of Mormon and a church tour on Saturday she will be in church next week.

Miracle two..


We had had a nice less active/new convert lesson with A, and our GML had come a long, we were talking with him before we had to take our train back for the night, but he gets a phone call and steps away for a moment. I stop this other guy on the street and talk causally. It grows and we end up having a 45 minute discussion… And then he came to sport abend… (activity)

Also I found something horrible out that a certain friend of mine never explained. According to my new friend I made on the street. My name. In Arabic. Means. Bald.


Oh well.

What can you do.

Pray for M. She says she does not think our church is true, but she agreed to still listen to all the lessons. And try church…

The wife of my bishop in Wiener Neustadt came with her son to visit this ward this weekend. The son was on a mission when I was there and he came to sport night and I ask him what his name is and he tells us his name and I just gasp. He was the missionary from the picture on the wall while I was there. Ha. She came to church and sat with me during relief society. Good to see her.

elder Samuelson

Our Salzburg District: Elder Samuelson

Sis S p day

Sister Hofmockel

Elder E

Sister Gardner and Elder Erickson

For a door approach this week: woman opens up the door.

Sister Gardner: “when was the last time an American and a French woman were at your door?”

…. It goes further. And we had a nice 7 minute talk, she took a card. And smiled a lot.i see you

Ok. The time goes too quick. But I have one thing I need to say.

On Saturday I was feeling a little down, we had a great baptismal service for the investigator of the elders, but after this excitement, I was just feeling a bit cloudy.

We did studies at the church and I watch a video about the missionary work in the Europe area, as I watched it. I just got this really empowered feeling. And I learned some things.


  • I got called here because I am strong enough for it.
  • It is not easy but it is possible
  • There are always people prepared to listen to us but there are fewer… So you have to go through more people to find one that is ready.
  • That means I need to talk to even more people.
  • That means God knew I could do it.
  • He sent me here because he knew I would not give up. But rather see these obstacles as opponents to be dealt with in their own time.   Taking them out. One by one.
  • I can do it.
  • I am running out of time (as my mission end comes closer.)

I felt glowing with this power this determination. By running, we made the bus after the meeting.

My mind was going crazy thinking, thinking. A guy gets on, only one on the bus.

I grab that new box of Book of Mormons. Open it up and say. I just got a new box of the book that has changed my life the most. Can I give you one.

I explain it and he takes it. You know what, he take it. He opens it up and gives it a chance.

We gave out five that night in the half an hour of travel time it took to get home.

Needless to say, I think I realized something.

I got called here because I am a fighter. When you have a desire to serve God, you are called to the work. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.


All my love.

Sister Gardner


link to the video she watched

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